Hello! We’re a little nursery in Elwood that focuses on plants, pots and lots of other gardening stuff.

We used to be called Bayside Flower & Garden but that was when Mark ran it. He’s gone off to grow aloes and bottle trees, but lucky for us we kept his passionate and knowledgeable staff – thanks Mark!

Bayside Gardenworld is a local nursery based in Elwood that can also arrange garden design, maintenance and landscape. We create beautiful balconies ourselves, and can arrange contract landscaping for larger works.

The nursery is now a part of Gardenworld Nursery in Braeside. With this comes access to a huge range of plants and garden products at more competitive prices.

The nursery prides itself on an extensive range of succulents and some of the best indoor plants available. There is also a good range of trees, shrubs and plenty of outdoor pots and modern indoor cover pots, including a large range of SK cover pots, imported from Germany. We also stock one of Melbourne’s largest ranges of Atlantis salt encrusted pots.

We’d love you to visit us and tell us about your garden.


Our range includes advanced indoor plants to flowering orchids, outdoor shrubs and selected feature trees. We also have one of Melbourne’s most diverse ranges of succulents, many sourced from small artisan growers.


We’re famous for our salt encrusted Atlantis pots, as well as a large range of terracotta, glazed and lightweight products. From troughs to large urns, our focus is on quality and also includes the SK range of German made cover pots for indoor plants.


Plant Sourcing

We can get most plants you want within three working days provided the suppliers have them in stock.  Call us, email us or fill in our online form.

Balcony / Courtyard Design

We can design, plan and setup your balcony or courtyard garden. This can be completed within 2 weeks of your initial free consultation.

Larger Projects

We can recommend the right Landscape Designer for the particular style of garden you require. They will provide you with a detailed site plan that can be then used for construction of the garden by a landscaping company.

We can arrange for professional landscape construction performed by a certified member of Landscaping Victoria.

Garden Consultation $150

We can arrange for an award winning landscape designer to meet you at your site. They will recommend a particular style or idea that can get you started on the journey to success in your garden.

To book your consultation online click here